The most sophisticated 3 in 1-formula in support of
your muscles, tendons and joints.

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The most sophisticated 3 in 1-formula in support
of your muscles, tendons and joints.

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Atrofit for your muscles, tendons and joints

The most sophisticated 3 in 1-formula in support of your muscles, tendons and joints

Atrofit is the most sophisticated 3 in 1-formula in support of your muscles, tendons and joints because never before has there been a product where so many different ingredients for the health of the movement system, have been added together.

Atrofit improves the condition

Brimming with vitamins, minerals and plant extracts

This is what makes Atrofit so extraordinary. By adding vitamins and minerals to the plant extracts (field horsetail, devil’s claw) and cartilage supporting components (glucosamine with chondroitin sulphate) the beneficial effects are amplified.

Atrofit improves the condition

Waarom Atrofit kan helpen bij een hernia of discuslijden

Bij een hernia of discuslijden vormt zich een uitstulping van een wervelschijf (discus) in de rug of nek. De zenuwen raken geïrriteerd en er ontstaat uitstralingspijn in rug, billen of benen. Naast rust en training van de omliggende spieren speelt Atrofit een belangrijke rol in jouw herstel. Met de perfect uitgekiende combinatie van 43 vitamines, plantenextracten, enzymes, mineralen en andere natuurlijke bestanddelen merk je vaak al snel verbetering.

Atrofit for athletes

Used by top athletes, also improves condition

Athletes make up a large part of the userbase of Atrofit. Did you know that even top athletes from the disciplines of football, cycle sport and even athletics, have been using this product for many years? They’ve told us that, because of the daily consumption of Atrofit, they have become less susceptible for injuries. But also recover faster from heavy training and competitions

Disc disease and arthritis are alleviated

Disc disease and arthritis are alleviated

Atrofit is especially effective for people who suffer from disc disease and/or arthritis. Since the composition is so versatile, tendons, muscles, ligaments and cartilage will all be supported. This is the reason why, after a couple of months, all musculoskeletal structures will become less fragile.

Atrofit is a powerful vitamin preparation

Powerful vitamin preparation with extra effect on the musculoskeletal system

No matter how old you are, you do not need to take another vitamin preparation.
In case of heavy labour or intensive sports, your condition will be protected to the utmost by the presence of iron, vitamin B and magnesium. When you get older, this formula will protect you from oxidative wear processes because of the presence of selenium, calcium, Vitamin A, B, C, E and Q10.

Artrofit is ideal for when you take medicines for long periods of time.

Ideal for when you take medicines for long periods of time.

Everyone realises that the consumption of inflammatory medicines, painkillers and antacids in the western world, has become a widespread plague. For years, we’ve been trying to limit its usage with a healthy lifestyle and supplements. Sometimes these medicines are necessary, although for a short period of time, to suppress uncomfortable symptoms.

We are very proud, that also in these cases, Atrofit is able to submit amazing statistics. Because of the presence on the one hand of Choline, vitamin B6, B9, B12 and on the other hand Betaine, Zinc and methionine, the purification process is accurately stimulated. Because of this, you will avoid any possible toxicity by long-term medication use.

So it’s not only perfectly possible to take Atrofit together with other medications… NO… it is in fact advised! !

Atrofit purifies the liver and slows down the aging process

Purifies the liver and slows down the aging process

In these turbulent times, our bodies have to endure a lot of punishment. Physical and mental overburdening, disturbed sleeping patterns and too little time for a balanced diet.

All these phenomena can cause our organism to land in a chronic inflammatory state. This is the reason why we see so many chronic conditions in this day and age. high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, allergies and rheumatic conditions…  all show one way or the other, a raised inflammatory state.

Changing our lives drastically isn’t simple. But we can start making simple changes. Go to bed half a hour earlier, eat more vegetables and fruit and try to go for daily walks. All these recommendations have shown to have a drastic effect on our health.

Atrofit contains enzymes, betaine, methionine, zinc and the entire Vitamin B-Family. Because of this, the effects of chronic inflammation and the aging process are both reduced. Because of the unique composition of Atrofit, chronic paracetamol users and women who are on the pill, are far better protected from the side effects. And thanks to our bodies being purged, the supplements can show their real power.

It is because of all these ingredients contained within Atrofit, that we get to hear so many amazing stories which we are naturally, extremely proud of.