The most sophisticated 3 in 1-formula in support of your muscles, tendons and joints.

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The most sophisticated 3 in 1-formula in support of your muscles, tendons and joints.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Atrofit Base Atrofit Base has had quite an effect in our regions in a short period of time since its conception. Not only is there no stopping the sales, but almost everyone seems to be so satisfied of the effects of the product after a first purchase, that there’s a massive number of reorders. We receive questions about Atrofit daily and about the manner in which a treatment should be managed. An answer to the most frequently asked questions can be found below:

Why tablets and not capsules?

Tablets were chosen to ensure a better intake. We applied a special coating to protect the active ingredients of Atrofit against the gastric acid.

We want to be sure that all nutrients are 100 % absorbed.

Why do I experience such a great effect of this product after previously trying similar joint and muscle products?

The reason is the same as the one above. You’ll understand when you examine the written formula. In the so-called classic natural products for cartilage and muscle protection, both glucosamine, chondroitin and sometimes MSM are emphasized. We have the experience that these ingredients have a deeper effect when they are embedded in a broader formula with vitamins, minerals and real plant extracts. Not only because each ingredient has to be transported and absorbed in the diseased tissue, but also because illnesses of the joints and muscles, how ever silently they start, are never limited to the joint itself but affect the whole surrounding area. This is the reason why other joints start to crack after a certain period of time.
Thus, to completely cure and/or protect the body we believe such a formula is necessary, which is proven by our results daily.

Why are enzymes Atrofit’s big asset?

The overwhelming effect of Atrofit Base can be attributed on the one hand to the synergy of the various micronutrients, each in their optimal dosage. But where we are truly unique is the presence of a high dosage of enzymes in our product. These enzymes are plant proteins that have the acceleration of our physical biochemical processes as a goal. In doing so the whole metabolism will run more efficiently. This has an effect on almost all physiological systems, such as the detoxification processes, digestion, muscle recovery, growth, memory, etc. 

Users of Atrofit notice this mostly in their digestion. A decelerated gastric emptying or reflux, bowel disorders, cramps or flatulence, food allergies: these complaints often improve when taking Atrofit with the meal.

Nature wouldn’t be nature, if there didn’t exist a gallant solution for everything. Because when you take Atrofit outside mealtime, you’ll notice that these enzymes will mostly tackle inflammatory processes.

This will benefit patients with arthritis and rheumatism or those who struggle with disc herniation or arthritis and even athletes with muscle and tendon inflammations.

I’m not sure what dosage I should stick to

This question is brought to our attention daily and the reason behind it is simple. The recommended dosage differs for everyone and doesn’t necessarily remain the same during the whole duration of the treatment. Often we start with a higher dosage such as 3 x 2 or 2 x 2 tablets a day, to obtain the fastest improvement possible. Afterwards, sometimes after several weeks, the dosage can be decreased on your own initiative. This is possible in a slow or fast manner. Many amongst you succeed in completely ending the treatment once all complaints disappear, others with severe complaints keep to a maintenance dose, often no more than 1 or 2 tablets a day.

May I take more than mentioned on the packaging to obtain an even faster result?

Normally this is not necessary. When you start taking 4 or 6 tablets each day, you should not take more tablets in our opinion. Only when you have a high body weight, you may of course take a higher dosage. This is also the case for horses, we regularly  receive compliments that this formula catches on with animals with pain and arthritis complaints. Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact dosage on this matter.

May these products be taken lifelong?

Of course and this is already the case. Our formula has been in existence for 30 years and there are patients that have been taking it for this duration. Moreover, this is a very extensive composition with an effect on the whole body. This is why most of the users feel fitter after a couple of weeks.

Is it recommended to start a course of Atrofit when I’m already using a product based on glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM?

This is even highly recommended! You have correctly noticed that Atrofit contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate (not MSM). But the dosage of these 2 ingredients is lower in an Atrofit tablet,  otherwise the pill would be so big that it would need to be crushed. But the power of Atrofit lies in the big number of ingredients and the low dosage which leads to the occurrence of synergy and no chance of side effects or overdose. Furthermore, this is a formula for the whole locomotor system and not just the cartilage. Actually,  everybody that picks up a formula for cartilage, should also add Atrofit. The other product takes care of the cartilage, Atrofit takes care of the attachment of the ligaments, tendons and muscles. In this
case, we advise to not exceed 2 tablets of Atrofit a day.

How should I take it and how many may I take?

As described above, the dosage varies in between 2 and 6 tablets a day.

You can take these tablets when it suits you.

It is interesting to know that when you are taking Atrofit for a problem related to the bone tissue, joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments, it is worth the effort to take it outside mealtime (2 hours before or 2 hours after). On an empty stomach the effect of our enzymes can completely focus on combatting inflammatory processes.

When you suffer from a slow digestive process or a difficult bowel function, it is best to take the tablets during meals. This way, the plant enzymes will support the gastrointestinal tract.

Side effects?

No, never. We can attest that nobody in our memory has ever suspended or stopped using Atrofit as a result of side effects. Occasionally, someone reports having a stomach or bowel disorder after the intake of one of both products, but these can be explained by increasing the dose to 6 tablets each day too fast. We advise you to rather build up slowly, for example 2 x 1 tablet each day during several days, afterwards 2 x 2 tablets each day for several days to eventually switch over to 3 x 2 tablets each day. In case you feel immediate relieve when taking 2 or 4 tablets each day (we hear this frequently, even after taking Atrofit only for a couple days), then it won’t be necessary to increase the dose  further. As always in life: START SLOW!

Pregnancy and children?

No problem!
When it comes to pregnant women, we would limit the dose to 2 tablets each day. We suggest this because during the pregnancy, other vitamin supplements are encouraged and there is no use in taking too many. But there is no need to worry when it comes to safety. All of Atrofit’s components are allowed during pregnancy (even encouraged, for example folic acid).

Naturally children can take Atrofit too. Our products are brimming with ingredients which are beneficial during the growth phase. But the size of the tablets could be a problem. And because these products are so complete, we cannot make them any smaller. Many adolescents with growth pains or inflammations (Osgood-Shlatter disease or avascular necrosis) recover faster when combining the classic treatment with our compositions. Thus, once children are able to swallow our tablets, they can start taking Atrofit. We notice that often they are only able to do this around the age of 8 – 10 years old.

Dosage till 12 years old: 1 tablet each day
Between 12 and 16 years old 2 x 1 tablets each day
Starting from 16 years old such as adults 2 to 6 tablets each day
Can I take other nutritional supplements additionally?

Of course you can, but in most cases there is no use. When you look into the composition, which is attached below, you can see why. Our formulas are brimming with many minerals and vitamins and are more or less an all-round formula. Nevertheless, when a doctor recommends a prescription for a supplement which isn’t present in our products, you can take these without any risk.

What if I don’t feel improvement after 1 box?

Unfortunately, this is sometimes the case. Then we would recommend to stop the treatment with our products. We are convinced that you should review the problem, because we are certain that you should experience improvement after using 1 box of Atrofit. In this case, we recommend you to consult your doctor or specialist. Unless you are suffering from a chronic disease, in that case you need to take Atrofit for at least 4 months.

Possible complaints concerning the locomotor system are mentioned, does this product have an effect on other organs?

That is exactly right, due to its composition this product is very versatile. It consists of vitamin B and iron for example, which are necessary during the growth phase, exercising and which increase physical fitness with everyone. Next to ingredients targeting muscles and joints, there are also ingredients which support a healthy bone tissue. All nutritionists warn for mineral deficiencies. No problem: you can find magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, manganese and iron. Next there is chromium, which is crucial against diabetes. And vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 work against signs of aging. There are exactly 37 different ingredients in 1 tablet, which are present in a very low dosage never causing accumulation or toxicity.

It is inevitable that you will feel fitter and that your hair, bones and nails will become healthier. In short, the majority of the bodily functions are supported by Atrofit and you will notice.

What is a NUT number?

Belgian regulation obligates all nutritional products brought to market, such as nutritional supplements, to be notified. This way the product is thoroughly inspected (safety, ingredients, label design). Nutritional supplements that do not have a NUT number, are unsafe and cannot be sold in Belgium.

NUT number Atrofit: PL-AS 3603/2


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