The secret of Atrofit

Surprised looks aren’t an exception when we bring out the unique 3-in-1 formula of the natural supplement Atrofit. Is it the more than 40 ingredients consolidated in one tablet that makes Atrofit as powerful for the support of muscles, tendons and joints? It is part of the explanation, but there is so much more. Our story starts more than 50 years ago.

The history of natural supplements

In the 1960’s the first natural food and herbal medicine stores are born in Belgium. Often these were no more than point of sales for simple plant extracts against ailments such as coughing and digestive disorders. Due to the frequent contact with their users, the growing medical knowledge and the newest technological possibilities, more complex vitamins were composed which were more powerful and efficient.

Atrofit’s formula, a natural nutritional supplement in support of the tendo joints, aged for years. With the feedback and experience of hundreds of patients, we created the perfect combination of more than 40 natural vitamins, plant extracts and minerals.

Versatile composition

The versatile composition of this natural nutritional supplement supports the functioning of every organ. In addition, the vitamins take effect on the whole body and don’t focus on one specific complaint like medicines do.

At that time, the fundamental idea consisted of developing a complete formula in support and prevention of the most diverse complaints of the locomotor system, going from young to old age, from growth pains to sport injuries and eventually to arthritis complaints. The functioning of common horsetail and devil’s claw on joints and bones were already well known amongst herbalists during that time. They were also aware of the importance of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. But can you imagine what knowledge these phytotherapists possessed if we can already trace back glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to this ancient formula? No less than 30 years before these 2 ingredients make their first introduction in scientific literature to combat joint complaints!

The science shows that you never completely heal when your whole body doesn’t thrive too. And that is the power of Atrofit. It supports tendons, muscles and joints, increases your physical fitness and concentration, aids the digestive system and much more.

This is why eventually these herbalists arrived at a very broad formula with an amalgam of more or less all vitamins and minerals, long before the scientific world had uncovered all their
possible uses. Some of the herbalists had an enormous degree of workmanship and knowledge. They quickly realized the importance of the holistic composition of Atrofit, which is that health can only be obtained when every organ and organ system is optimally supported.

Now, decades later, we know the importance of iron, vitamin B9 and B12 when it comes toanemia, of vitamin D and calcium when it comes to osteoporosis, we know of selenium, vitamin A, C and E as free radical scavengers, and we recognize the importance of chromium and zinc in the sugar metabolism, etc.

The true secret of Atrofit

By perfecting the unique 3-in-1 formula of Atrofit over the years, we learned much about the precise functioning of vitamins. Here we noticed something particular: vitamins and minerals can activate and strengthen each other. This way 1 plus 1 doesn’t equal 2, 3 or even 4.
Nevertheless, this stimulating effect only occurs in specific concentrations. This synergy is the true secret of Atrofit. You can discover all the ingredients here.

The key of developing this 100% natural nutritional supplement with all of these wondrous effects, is all in the used dosage of every separate ingredient. A concentration which is just powerful enough to work without burdening the body, while still reinforcing other vitamins and minerals.